Structured patient sample acquisition

While genetically engineered mouse models, as well as human and murine cell lines capture large parts of lymphoma biology, many aspects of the highly complex disease biology can only be captured in freshly isolated human biopsy or lymph node extirpation samples. To capitalize on the large patient volume treated at our own center, as well as our networks, such as the West German Tumor Center (WTZ) Essen-Münster and the Cancer Research Center Cologne-Essen (CCCE), we have established a structured biopsy and re-biopsy program for lymphoma patients that is based on a broad informed consent procedure. These biopsy samples are centrally stored and used for various assays, such as comprehensive genomic and transcriptomic profiling of lymphoma and matched normal samples, in vitro sensitivity screens and BH3 profiling, PDX- and CDX generation and serum cytokine and ctDNA profiling. These professional biobanking activities are intimately linked with the clinical trial center of our department, as well as our clinical CAR-T and stem cell transplantation unit.